Movement during the work day can improve focus, concentration, and mood, as well as benefits decision-making and multi-tasking abilities.

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a heart-pumping, high-energy workout done to music to energize the mind and body for the rest of the day


a refreshing series of low-intensity muscular strength and endurance exercises to focus, reconnect and refresh the mind and body


a sequence of body-opening stretches and poses to prevent injury, decrease stress and relieve tension for a calmer mind and a peaceful workday

Pricing Models


$15/person/virtual class

Individuals register for each class securely through a private Eventbrite link made only available to your group.

No additional work or cost required from the employer/organizer


Invest in your team’s health!
Preferred rates for groups

  • group of 5-20: $13/person/virtual class
  • group of 21-50: $10/person/virtual class
  • group of 50-100: $7/person/virtual class


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MOVE + SWEAT (40min)
Energize your mind and body at the end of your work day with a beat-based, high-energy cardio and pilates-inspired conditioning class. Small-space friendly, you won’t need a lot of room to get a great workout in. Low intensity and low impact options will given throughout the class so you can modify and adjust as you like. 

Tuesday, July 5
6:00-6:40 PM pst

~livestream classes are included in all memberships~
$10 for non-members


“Look down at your body

there is no home like you.”
— Rupi Kaur  

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